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  • REAL results and quantum leaps in income in
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Our Land Profit Business Growth Programs

Which Program Is Right For You?

LPG Success Package

Step-by-step, learn everything there is to know about how to be successful in the land flipping business in just 90 days.

Land Profit QuickStart

QuickStart your land wholesaling success with the first 6 weeks of our Land Profit Coaching program. This simple step-by-step program is the “Ultimate Land Cash Machine”!

Land Profit Coaching

Learn how to scale occasional land deals into a consistent, profitable, passive-income based business from the pioneers themselves.

Investment Dominator CRM

The only real estate system that manages your home AND land deals. Quick set-up, expert-level support, and created by industry leaders themselves.

Student Success

Scott Belton

“I closed a deal today where my net margin was $192k! I’d like to thank Jack Bosch or taking the time to develop this system of teaching others to become millionaires”

Kate Rose

“Amazing pay day for me!! I am a pretty new LPG’er and just closed my 5th land flip. The title company is depositing $46,571 into my account today!!!”

James Karban

“This is my best deal to date ($127k). Still looking to add another zero to a deal, but this works for now

Jack and Michelle Bosch

The Land Profit Generator Method

Jack and Michelle Bosch are the co-creators of The Land Profit Generator Method. The Land Profit Generator has produced a record number of successful land flipping business owners. In addition, the LPG team offers the most comprehensive Land Investing Coaching Program in existence.

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