A Virtual 3-Day Event hosted by Team Land Profit Generator and Jack Bosch

Learn to run a wealth-generating land flipping business, change the quality of your life, and leave a lasting legacy for your family.

December 10 - 12 | 8am PST

Take Charge of Your Financial Legacy

Tired of living like this?

"I'm exhausted from the constant grind and living paycheck to paycheck."

"I have no time or energy to enjoy my kids or family life."

"I'm drowning in debt and don't ever feel like I'll find a way to pay it off."

"I don't have a plan for retirement, I need to start creating generational assets now."

"I lack the freedom to live life on my own terms, I want the option to do what i want!"

And all you truly want is this…


"I walked away from my job with not a single deal under contract and took a leap of faith in a system that I knew would work. I have made $152k in profits and have enough passive income coming in every month from seller finance deals to cover all of my expenses."

Jeanette Amayo testimonial

-Jeanette Amayo


"Two closings were completed yesterday with a total spread of almost $55k. As always, we appreciate the support from Aaron Williams and feel fortunate that we encountered Jack and Michelle Bosch's Land Profit Generator program."

Anilah Shah testimonial

-Anilah Shah


"Closed my two biggest deals yet for a profit of $80k. I remember two years ago reading posts like this thinking: 'One day, I'll be there.' It's absolutely possible for anyone to make these kinds of profits. Let's go!"

Jamal Brown testimonial

-Jamal Brown

You Really Do Have What it Takes to Succeed In This Business!

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How did I do this?

By pioneering the one and only consistently proven system called the Land PROFIT Generator Method 

The SIX-FIGURE Investment Method allows for exponential profits and returns on your investment anywhere between 0-2000%. Without the complications of traditional house-flipping: No Tenants, Toilets or Termites

This Virtual Event is for You IF:

You Are looking for a way out of the corporate rat race

You Want to build a life of abundance with freedom of cash, time, relationship, and purpose

You Are looking for a proven, low-risk business model that creates both passive and active income

You Are looking for a way to build wealth independent of your physical location, on your own schedule

You are a seasoned investor or a beginner

You Want to create a financial legacy for you and your family for generations to come

Money may not buy happiness… But it sure does afford you freedom.

Register now for your fast-track ticket to freedom!

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Here is the THREE DAY Breakdown:

friday | build a firm foundation

We’ll kick off the event by learning the foundation of our real-estate investing technique, the basics of how and why our proven Land Flipping Method works, and how you can make a plan to quit your job and take charge of your life.

You’ll discover how you can break free from the complex house flipping methods and may even reach financial independence with large checks and passive profit CASH FLOW income within a few months. But it all begins with creating a secure, proven foundation for explosive growth. 

More specifically, you are going to learn...

  • How to choose the best areas to flip land, it could be your back yard or any location across the country (did I mention you don't have to see these properties – EVER?)
  • How to get a list of the most motivated sellers for your deals
  • How to separate different leads from each other to identify those you do and do not want to go after


On day 2, we will continue in detail on how to find, lockdown, and flip these land lot properties.

In addition, we will show you how you can automate and organize almost all the steps we talk about on Friday so that you are truly creating a SCALABLE business where the sky is the limit.

After lunch, I will expand into the other 3 related techniques namely...

  • How to build multiple 6-figure, 100% passive Cash Flow from land 
  • How to do Close deals without using any of your own money including... 
  • Doing Double Closes, Assignments, 
  • Even Triple closes where you buy, sell with seller financing, and sell the note all in the same transaction,
  • All without using any of your own money!! 
  • Doubling the # of deals you get from your marketing, negotiating, proper deal structuring (without using any cash our of your pocket)


Sunday is all about CASH FLOW and SALES. I will dive headfirst into the top five ways to sell your properties efficiently and quickly using the internet during this critical day. (You don’t even need to know a thing about marketing…)

Not to worry, this won't be a techy marketing session. Far from it, instead, I will show you how you…

  • How to get and use pictures of the property without having to leave your home
  • How to get people to give you the exact offer you’re looking for
  • How to make your property attractive enough to find the right kind of buyer
  • Plus, you will discover multiple ways to build up a massive list of potential buyers for free or almost free, so you are never short of potential buyers for your properties.

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QUESTIONS? We've got answers.

I've never done real estate before and am new to investing – should I register?

Absolutely! We've helped thousands of attendees through our exclusive Land Profit Live training events, and people from all over the world, from different walks of life and industries, join us.  Our proven system is simplified and structured, with exact action items handed to you. As a result, anyone with the desire to earn a consistent income, build a business that provides freedom, and is willing to work – please, come aboard!  If you would like to speak with someone from our team or gain even deeper clarity call us at 1-(602)-712-0182

I work full-time – will this work for me?

The best thing about Land Flipping and Investing is that you can do it from anywhere, on your own time, and there is no ceiling to what you can earn/achieve!  You can go at your own pace.  So, yes, this takes effort and carving out time in your schedule to learn the methods, but it's actions that will lead you to unlimited FREEDOM. It's not hamster-wheel action. We'll teach you what to focus on and how to maximize your time and profits – so that you can eventually quit that job!  

Will I receive any individual attention? How does this work?

In this virtual event, we will teach you everything you need to know for free on how to get started with land. Aside from the three-day intensive and interactive sessions, you will be able to gain all the clarity you need by booking a call with us or asking during event. This will not be time wasted - only life enhancing! Our team's intention is backed by a WE CARE MORE attitude that allows for us to deliver results, give you return on investment, and offer everything we possibly can to get ou to success. This is our aim, this is our promise

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