Welcome to the one and only business growth jump start program that puts the pieces together in a virtual hands-on way, into a million-dollar strategy, ready for execution – no matter what stage you are starting at.

Land Profit Maximizer

The Land Profit Maximizer program is a comprehensive hands-on package that includes detailed in-person guidance, and literally trains you on the entire land flipping process from A-Z, so that you can take this business from wherever you are today, to producing the money you always wanted to make.

What we are not: this is not a get rich quick program, or your average educational course. In fact, if you are looking for another course to purchase and collect virtual dust on your computer – this is not for you.

If you are:

  • A beginning investor who is smart and realizes that the best way to success is by choosing the simpler method without competition
  • A struggling real estate investor who is frustrated with the complexities of real estate investing and/or the level of competition in the housing market.
  • An already successful land flipper who wants to scale quicker, faster, and better, while doing less work.
  • Still have a job and want to break out but have no idea how.

Jack and Michelle Bosch


The Land Profit Generator
  • 12 step by step modules guiding you in detail to your first land deal
  • 11 detailed modules showing you how to flip any deal for thousands in profits or cash flow (both offline and online).
  • Bonus modules on how to setup your business virtually so you can do this from anywhere in the world!
  • Weekly Office Hours: Live Group Q&A Sessions for 4 weeks with a master coach.
  • Instant direct access to all our letters, contracts, scripts templates for the land business.
  • Premium, phone and online support, PLUS active student community to help answer all your questions in real time. No waiting!
The Investment Dominator CRM
  • Built-in document generators so that you can produce mailing campaigns, marketing pieces, contracts and letters on the fly.
  • Includes mapping and comparable research tools so that you can properly evaluate deals.
  • Built in buying website, selling website and buyers list.
  • Seamless integrations with call centers and print/mailing services so you can easily scale your business as needed.
  • Integrated buying, marketing, and selling sites.
  • Build property listings and ads in minutes!
  • Track your KPI’s through advanced list filtering, segmenting, tagging, tracking, and built-in reports and analytics
The Investment Dominator 2-Day Workshop

The piece that puts it all together and allows you to launch your business into profit stratosphere.
  • Two and a half full days of Land Profit and Investment Dominator immersion training (Live Over The Internet)
  • Hand-on, live online on your laptop, beginning to end immersion into the Land Flipping Program using the Investment Dominator system
  • No travel needed, take the 2.5-day class from the comfort of your home.
  • Digital Workbook to follow along
  • Get access to the recordings afterwards so you can repeat what you need to -at home as many times as you want.
  • You'll master everything from list processing, to property research, to buying, to marketing, to selling and advanced ways to customize your CRM and websites.
  • Small group environment with two full time trainers (making sure you get the most out of it)
  • Plenty of time allotted for in session support!
  • Walk away all setup to succeed, scale and profit!

Event Dates and Options:

March 14th - March 16th, 2023
(Virtual Class)

April 11th - April 13th, 2023
(Virtual Class)


One-on-one call
  • Live Online Onboarding Session call designed to get you up and running with the Investment Dominator system in 90% less time.
  • Customize the system with your company information.
  • Establish your online company brands.
  • Load your data into the CRM and get going!
1000 Leads
  • At the 2.5-day Intensive training, we even will give you 1000 presorted, prefiltered,and unique land leads that you can load into the Investment Dominator CRM at our 2.5-Day Workshop and work right there in class.
"I got my first deal from the leads I received as part of the 2.5-day training and it made me more than the entire investment for the training". ~ Neerav Jayaswal
One-on-one Accountability Call
  • Weekly Office Hours: Live Group Q&A Sessions for 4 weeks with a master coach.
  • During the 2.5-day training you will set accountability goals.
  • 30 days after, you will receive a dedicated 1-on-1 accountability call to make sure you proceeded with business as you had committed.
  • Ensure your continued success and breakthrough to a life of abundance.

What we stand for:

  • A hands-on, results-based approach that works for you!
  • Long term sustainable success, not “the flavor of the day”
  • A well designed program based on a long range vision, that puts the pieces together into a workable and scalable system!
  • A Business system that supports and enhances your life, allowing you to take big leaps.
  • A 360 support system to guide you through the strategy, mindset, and implementation that create a Land Profit Machine for you.

Jack and Michelle Bosch

Playing small isn’t going to create your first (or next) 6 figures. The time is now to become a Land Profit Maximizer Machine!.

Investment in the Land Profit Maximizer

$10,000 OR 4x $2,800

Call us at 1-(602)-712-0182 for other arrangements.

Land Profit Maximizer - Trifecta of Land Profit Success Summary...

Land Profit Generator online Training including:

21 Video trainings, All documents, Swipe Files, Templates...
(how-to’s on everything you need to get your first deal)

4-months of the Investment Dominator Deal Maker Software including:

Workflow, automation, deal research, calculators, documents, mail merge...
to take your deals from A-Z

Buying and selling websites included (so you don’t have to set any up)

The Masterpiece 2.5-day intensive Deal Maker Investment Dominator Training including:

A-Z walk through of the entire deal flow

Customization of your websites

In depth training on all Investment Dominator systems, allowing you to scale your business quickly.

Plus Free Bonuses including:

One-On-One Investment Dominator Onboarding Call

1000 brand new unused, pre-filtered and ready to go leads

Weekly Office Hours: Live Group Q&A Sessions for 4 weeks with a master coach. ​

30-Day Post Action Plan One-on-One Accountability Call

Jack and Michelle Bosch